The View from the Bar Sat 11th November 2017

All things considered we’ve had a pretty lousy record against Hamworthy over the past decade or so, so it’s with no little trepidation that I look forward to this match, although I have to say I do have something of a soft spot for The Hammers. The reason? Well, it was on a trip to Hamworthy that I saw possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever witnessed. The small gaggle of travelling Yachtsmen had successfully negotiated the ferry, a long old train trip and a bus vaguely in the direction of the ground but we still had a ten minute walk to negotiate. En-route, one of our number managed to unwittingly phone himself up from a phone box (he thought he was ringing his missus but accidentally dialled his own out-of-credit mobile). When the phone in his pocket rang he clicked to answer then apologised into the handset and answered his mobile. He was a bit confused when there was nobody on the other end of the call on his mobile, so he hung up and went back to the phone in the phone box, but was then dismayed to find the person on the other end of that call had hung up too. We were stood outside watching this in amazement, and, already non-plussed from the phone experience, he was further confused when he shoved his way out of the phone box to find us rolling around crying with laughter. Literally, rolling around and crying. So I do have something of a soft spot for Hamworthy for that memory, if nothing else.

The last home match against Hamble Club was a cracker for sure. After the disappointment of the Petersfield result the week before this was just what we needed and it was a good crowd (another one well over the hundred mark) who saw us turn in a proper battling performance with 100% effort from every player for the full ninety minutes. Great stuff.

It’s all happening at Westwood off the pitch too, with a series of events lined up over the coming weeks. Tonight’s bingo night (not sure I’m welcome after my jackpot debut performance a few months back…), then next Saturday (18th November) John Wroath brings Sporting Life along for what will inevitably be a big (and boisterous) night. Tickets for that are on sale now, £5 for members and £7 for guests – hunt down a committee member today to pick up your ticket.

Then we’ve got something a bit special lined up for the evening of Saturday 2nd December, when we host ‘An Evening with Steve Hunt’, when our very own manager will be sharing stories from his days as a professional, from Villa to New York Cosmos and back, via Coventry, England, and encounters with Pele, George Best, Mick Jagger and the like. It’s shaping up to be a cracking night and tickets are limited, so again, find a committee member today to make sure you can be there – £6 for members, £8 for guests – and there’ll also be an auction for some pretty special footy bits and pieces so make sure there’s a bit more than just beer money in your wallet for that one.

There’s also another exciting little scheme on the horizon, but I’ll tell you more about that in the coming weeks. Suffice to say though, if you were ever into collecting the footie cards as a nipper, we might have just the thing for you coming up shortly.

One other thing. We’re really keen to get a few more of the match posters up around the area. The chaps distributing currently are doing a sterling job, but if you or anyone you know can help get a poster or two up in the locality each month we’d really appreciate your support.

Right, enough of all that and on with proceedings. Be loud, be proud, and enjoy the game.