The View from the Bar – Saturday 14 April 2018

Hell’s bells! The last home league game of the season already? So, I guess it’s time for a bit of reflection. Despite what our league position might suggest, in many ways it’s been a brilliant season and one of my favourites of recent years. Our home form has, in large part, been excellent. The victories over Shaftesbury, Hamble Club, Hamworthy and Bemerton loom large in the mind, and there’s been plenty of other memorable performances too, not least completing our first league double over Newport in fifty years. The atmosphere around the place has been buzzing as well, with average attendances of well over a hundred, and still some of the most passionate yet friendly support to be found in our league, so well done to all of you too.

While in reflective mood, it’s only right to thank everyone who puts in so much effort to ensure we have a team, and club, to support. There’s far too many people to name everyone individually (without this page turning into one long list, anyway), but the number of people who contribute (and the time they put in, both visibly and behind the scenes), is amazing. I’d like to thank each and every one of them for everything they do (and if they catch me at the right time they might even get a drink out of me), so if you’re one of them, from me and on behalf of everyone, a big THANK YOU. We’re only as strong a club as we are because of their efforts, but we can always use a bit more help, even if it’s only half an hour here and there during the week, so I implore any of you to get more involved, as there’s always something we could do with a hand with. Come and speak to me, or any committee member, if you’re interested in pitching in – it’s a great thing to be involved in.

Having said that about not naming names, I’d personally like to thank Steve and Kirsty, who have put in so much effort since coming to the club and have really embraced what we’re all about up here, and added to that in no small measure. I think Steve can be very proud of what we’ve achieved on the pitch this year, and in very difficult circumstances at times. Many thanks to both of you, and if you’ve enjoyed it half as much as we’ve enjoyed having you here, you’ll have had a good year too.

Now, next Saturday at Brockenhurst was going to be our last league game of the season, but the swathe of recent postponements has done for that. However, it still looks like being one, if not the, biggest Cowes day out of the season. It looks like there’ll be plenty riding on the game so it’s a good one to go to anyway, but it’s also just about the easiest away game to get to (15 minutes from Southampton or 5 mins from Lymington) and a lovely place to visit to boot. Current estimates suggest at least 30-40 of us will be travelling so should be a great atmosphere. For the rowdy contingent there’s no firm plans beyond “meet in the Fountain at 11.00am”, so join us there if you fancy, or you can make your own way there and we’ll all meet up in one of the village pubs or at the club – pretty much any Red Jet up to the 1.15 will get you there in good time (so long as you remember to catch a train, too). What excuse could there possibly be for not coming along?

First things first though – a massive game today and then the Gold Cup quarter final with Shanklin on Tuesday to look forward to (note the revised KO time of 7.30pm). Be loud, be proud – Super Cowes!

Enjoy the game,