Managers Thoughts – v Sholing 09-03-19

Manager Thoughts

So this is new! As this is my first (of maybe many) managers thoughts I wanted to start by saying thank you for all the support so far. Not only from you the supporters, but the players, what a fantastic bunch of lads we have here at this club who’s attitude and application over these past 6 weeks has been nothing short of outstanding! You may have noticed another familiar face in the dugout in the form of Steve Rutter. Steve is an ex professional who has played and coached all around the world, he is absolutely fantastic to have around and has the same vision and high expectations as me, but also mirrors my emphasis on positivity which is so important for getting the best out of the players. The moment we knew he was interested in returning it was a no-brainer for us, he’s certainly an enigma and I think he has really helped Pottsy and myself with being my voice on the sideline and from the feedback I’ve had from the supporters, I think he could even pick up supporters player at this rate!

Since taking over you may have seen or heard of the changes that have been slowly developing at the club, the higher media coverage, our social media updates, the way we train along with the style of football we’re playing. Some have asked where is the club going, what does the future look like and for me, my vision for this club is for us to bring southern league football back to the island, it’s as simple as that. I said in the press recently we’re not here to just participate anymore, we’re here to dominate. I’ve always been very clear that we should have one main club on the island where we pull together the best players, this hasn’t changed and with the things we’re doing both off and on the pitch, this is ever closer to becoming a reality.

So, on to today. We welcome the league leaders in Sholing who have had nothing short of a remarkable season. A team that has a core of fantastic players that have been together for a long time. I think I speak for most of the players when I say this is the game we look forward to the most each year, it’s always a tough, physical, fast flowing game played in the right competitive spirit and I doubt today will be any different. We’re going to have to be at the top of our game to get anything from today but the lads are fully focused on gaining another 3 points and keeping this momentum going.