The View from the Bar 19th August 2017

Afternoon! Sounds like the match at Fareham on Tuesday was a bit of a ding-dong. Many thanks for Dave for excellent Facebook commentary as usual – when you’re stuck in a hotel room in Jutland (Denmark) it certainly makes games easier to follow than a few years back. Shame our comeback got curtailed at the last though – as our first and second goals went in the occupants of the room next door to mine might hav wondered exactly what was going on in my room – if we’d actually equalised I think there’s a good chance complaints would have been made to reception (although in Scandinavia people might be a bit more forgiving of cries of joy coming from neighbouring rooms…).

Bit squeezed for space this week (see below), but just enough room to mention a brief chat I had with our new boss Steve Hunt after the excellent 1-1 draw with Portland last week. I’m happy to report he’s a fan of this column, and he informed me he’d have no concerns should I consider a bit of pi.., erm, mickey taking aimed in the direction of the Cowes bench. It’s nice to get approval and everything, but did he really think I’d be holding back anyway? Heheh. Am still working on my opening salvo, but the Steve Hunt hairstyle gallery (as depicted on various Pannini stickers over the years) is a tempting place to start…

But back to the matter in hand and what’s bound to be another tough game against Lymington. Be loud, be proud and let’s all get behind the boys.

Enjoy the game.


Westwood Young Writers

The new season’s barely started and we’ve already had our latest entry for the Westwood Young Writers, where local school children are invited to submit match reports for inclusion in the programme. This one comes from Joshua Herbert-Duff. Joshua’s about to go into year 3 at Lanesend – he’s a Southampton fan and his favourite players is Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cowes Sports 4 Team Solent 0 by Joshua Herbert-Duff

On Tuesday evening I went to watch Cowes play. I saw John McKie score a penalty and Darren scored two goals – it was 3-0 in the first half.

I got can of Coke at half time. In the second half Darren scored again, then we went off to play. We played Bulldog and no-one got me! When they called us to go I did rally passes across the pitch. When we got back it was pitch black and I had to go straight to bed. The end.

Great report Joshua. It looks like our regular reporters might have some competition (don’t tell Allan you went across the pitch after the game though!).