The View from the Bar Sat 18 November 2017

What a cracker it was last week eh? Brilliant game, some lovely goals and a crackling atmosphere – great stuff. Even the bloke on the tannoy wasn’t too bad…

Oh yes! Last week I hinted at another coming scheme that’s in the pipeline. Well, it’s probably time to furnish you with a few more details. On Saturday 2nd December (at the Bemerton game) we’re hoping to lauch an awesome set of Cowes Sports F.C. collector cards. These look absolutely brilliant and are very much in the style of the football cards you might have collected back in the 1970’s (or for the younger collectors, the Panini Match Attax or Topps cards you get these days). There’s 36 cards in the set, featuring current players and officials plus some Westwood Legends and historical Cowes teams, and they’ll be available as a full set (for £5) or in packets of four (including free stickers) for 50p a packet. The idea to make them came up as a way to interest local youngsters and encourage them to come up to games at Westwood (under-16’s will get a free packet on admission, and extra packets will be available from the tea bar). The total number of sets is strictly capped at one hundred though, so you’ll need to be quick to ensure you get a set. As I’ve said, they look absolutely awesome, and with Christmas coming up they’d make an ideal stocking filler for any Cowes fan. See me up at the Bemerton game to grab yours.
Tonight’s the night that John Wroath is bringing Sporting Life along to the clubhouse for a repeat of the riotous performance earlier in the year. There’s not too many tickets left and there’s a good chance there won’t be any available on the door, so this afternoon might be your last chance to get tickets. They’re £5 for members, £7 for guests – hunt down Leo (Ian Lee) today to make sure of yours.

Also, tickets are going fast for the ‘Evening with Steve Hunt’ event on Saturday 2nd December, which is shaping up to be a brilliant evening. As well as stories and reminiscences from the good Mr Hunt there’s other entertainment being arranged too, including an auction of some pretty special memorabilia from top clubs, including some lovely signed items. Tickets for this event are expected to sell out well in advance so, again, seek out Leo today to book your place at the night.

The next batch of posters advertising our matches are available now – please do get in touch if you think you can help get a poster or two up around the town, or if you’d be willing to help distribute posters to the existing businesses and other spots that display them. They’re a vital way of the club advertising itself in the community (not everyone uses facebook, you know) and they’ve prompted some really good feedback since we reintroduced them four years ago. You might have noticed attendances have gone up a bit in that time also (although I think everyone on and off the pitch can take a bit of credit for that, also). Please do give me a shout, either in person or via the club facebook page, if you think you can help – we’re always looking for new spots in business, schools and other locations, even private houses or cars. Go on, ask not what your club can do for you, but you can do for your club…

I’m glad to see Newport finally seem to be making a bit of progress with their new ground, although looking at the plans thus far released, the out-of-town location and somewhat impersonal-looking stand suggest they’ll have to fight hard to establish the kind of atmosphere they used to have at Church Litten back in the day, or that we can muster here at Westwood. Last week was a cracking example of how involved we all can be both on and off the pitch – let’s see if we can generate a bit more of that hullaballoo today to help the team on to (hopefully) victory against Bashley.

Be loud, be proud, and enjoy the game.